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Elena Suarez — Owner/”Monkey in Charge”


In 2007, Elena opened the doors at Math Monkey of Pinecrest in order to pursue her passion of making a difference in the academic lives of children by getting them excited about math and finding the most successful ways of teaching them to THINK rather than just memorize. With a B.S. in Mathematics from Louisiana State University, a M.A. in Pastoral Ministry from St. Thomas University, and 30 years of professional experience in the technology industry (23 of them at IBM), Elena is well equipped and motivated to do both.


Alexandra Vieux — Teacher


Dominique “Nicky” Butler — Teacher


Flor Gomez — Teacher


Jessica Lorenzo — Teacher

Jessica received a Master of Arts from the University of Florida and graduated from the I.B. program at Coral Reef Senior High. She is now a high school math teacher at RASG Hebrew Academy. Jessica has experience as an Academic Advisor and appeared on CNN to discuss testing tips for students taking the SAT.


Mellanie Malik — Teacher

Mellanie is a certified Mathematics Special Education teacher. She has a Bachelors of Science in Special Education and a Master’s of Science degree in Special Education from Florida International University. She is currently teaching seventh and eighth grade mathematics and science at South Dade Middle School. In her spare time she enjoys making handcrafted soap and cosmetics and exploring the flatlands of Florida’s coast on kayak.


Alexandra Perez — Tutor


Amy Loveless — Tutor


Angie Liu — Tutor

Angie is currently enrolled as a senior at Miami Palmetto Senior High School. She has taken math courses all the way up to Advanced Placement Calculus, and is taking Advanced Placement Statistics this year. Angie hopes to do something related to math or science in the future, and enjoys running at the park and baking brownies.


Daniel Alayo — Tutor

Daniel is currently a junior at Miami Palmetto Senior High School. He was one of our first students when Math Monkey first opened, and has now taken math courses as advanced as college level Trigonometry. Daniel likes eating nachos and chicken wings at bowling alleys and likes haikus. Here is one of his:

Math requires thought

Solve difficult equations

Algebra is cool.


Jasmine Butler — Tutor

Jasmine is currently a senior at the Academy of Arts and Minds Charter High School. She is at the top of her class, and is currently taking Advanced Placement Statistics. She enjoys math, dancing, and listening to music.


Jordan Butler — Tutor

Jordan previously attended Miami Palmetto Senior High School and graduated in the top 10% of the class of 2014, and is currently enrolled as a freshman at the University of Miami. She loves math, is great at Algebra, and likes Calculus as well. She enjoys dancing and playing the violin.


Michael Ronconi — Tutor

Michael is a Miami native, and attended Columbus High School, where he graduated as number 12 in his class. He is currently enrolled as a senior at the University of Miami, and is majoring in Computer Science. Michael is excellent in math, and loves to fish, play video games, and play football with his friends.


Nicholas Parsons — Tutor

Nicholas attends Florida International University. He is a Psychology major and is currently enrolled in Statistics. He is very intelligent and knows lots of math, specifically Algebra. He enjoys long walks on the beach and petting dogs.

“If you want help with Algebra, ask for Nicholas Parsons.”

-Nicholas Parsons


Nicole Lindblom — Tutor

A previous student at Math Monkey in 2007, Nicole is now a junior at Miami Palmetto Senior High School, and is currently enrolled in Advanced Placement Calculus BC. She has been awarded the Principal’s Honor Roll on numerous occasions, is a ballroom dancer, has a knack for crafts, and is very patient with children.


Oraya Vesvoranan — Tutor

Oraya has been tutoring for 4 years. Her tutoring expertise ranges from 1st grade math through AP Statistics. Oraya’s hobby is running; she is a cross country runner with a 5K PR of 26.49.


Raina Levin — Tutor

Raina is currently a junior at Coral Reef Senior High School, and is currently enrolled in her second year of IB Mathematics SL. Raina loves math, and is a voracious reader as well. She is trying to learn Spanish and American Sign Language, but feels most comfortable in the language of numbers.


Richard Rahman — Tutor

Richard graduated from Columbus High School in 2014, taking Honors and Advanced Placement classes during his three years there. He is currently enrolled as a freshman at FIU, and is continuing Calculus while taking five other classes throughout the week. Richard is on an academic scholarship, along with Bright Futures for the next four years, and is currently studying Biomedical Engineering.


Yuji Yang — Tutor

Yuji is currently a senior at Miami Palmetto Senior High School, and his mathematical expertise ranges from elementary Algebra to Multivariable Calculus. He has years of experience tutoring all mathematical subjects, as well as Chemistry and History. Yuji can also solve a Rubik’s Cube in thirty seconds.

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