Math Monkey Method

Math Monkey is a supplemental math program for elementary and middle school students. The Math Monkey program teaches children the art of speed mental math — a skill that will benefit your children for a lifetime. Through our program your child will develop skills that take the fear out of math and allow for a new way to approach problems that complements math taught in school. Learning exciting new ways to look at math, both students looking for new challenges in math and students struggling in the subject benefit from the Math Monkey program.

We utilize a unique game based program that challenges and engages students in a group setting while teaching new ways to solve everyday math problems. The Math Monkey students learn to recognize patterns, apply Math Monkey techniques, and mentally solve arithmetic problems with speed and accuracy. This progression continues to develop a strong number sense in the student, teaches a propensity for critical thinking, and assists each student in attaining a soaring confidence in math. They become masters at math and the results are seen in a renewed excitement and love for the subject, better grades and higher standardized test scores.

In just one session a week you will see your child’s abilities and understanding of math grow. Math Monkey is taught in a small class setting, allowing students to interact and learn from each other while still gaining personal attention from the teachers. For students that need a more personal approach, Math Monkey offers specific one-on-one tutoring from our trained teachers in addition to our weekly classes.

Come see what all the excitement is about today and give your child the edge in math that will stay with them for a lifetime!