Q: What can I expect my child to achieve at Math Monkey?

A: Your child will learn to rely increasingly on mental math to solve problems. Your child will learn and master techniques which condense the math from five or more steps to, in most cases, three steps or fewer. Your child will also develop number sense and critical thinking skills.

Q: In addition to learning mental math techniques, what are some additional benefits of enrolling at Math Monkey?

A: Your child will lose their fear of numbers, develop a winning attitude toward math and become a happier, more confident student.

Q: My child is already good at math. What can Math Monkey offer?

A: We take strong math students and make them even stronger. Math Monkey students are able to teach their school teachers some new strategies. The most well equipped students are those who learn the mental math approach.  We give them the tools now to become successful students and professionals in the future.