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If your son or daughter LOVES math, HATES math or is somewhere in-between, Math Monkey will enhance the “love” or decrease the “hate” and we do this by making it FUN…..yes FUN!

If you are like 85% of parents, you dread homework (at least I used to)


It’s 6 p.m. and it’s homework time.  What is tonight going to bring?  Smiles of joy or tears of despair & frustration.  This is the reality show that takes place every Monday to Thursday in my home, or at least it used to. One day, a friend of mine whose daughter was what I considered a genius, told me she put Susy in Math Monkey.  I asked her “What’s Math Monkey?”  I couldn’t believe how much my friend knew about this learning center but she’s one of those super meticulous parents that studies and researches to know EXACTLY what she is paying for.

This is what she said…

“Math Monkey Knowledge Centers were founded in Weston, Florida in 2007, brainchild of Kirsten Fisch, a former teacher from the area who had been exposed to a seemingly miraculous approach to math while on a business trip in India.  The method, as she found out, was called Vedic Math, and allowed its practitioners, including some small children, to solve complex math problems in their heads.”

When my friend saw how easy and fun math was for her daughter, she wondered why every parent wasn’t bringing their son or daughter to Math Monkey.  The funny thing is, her daughter only recently (last 1.5 years) became a math superstar.  Before “The Monkey” as she calls it, Susy was very average in math.

It’s still not clear to me why Math Monkey is different from every other “Math Learning Center?”

Math Monkey Knowledge Centers operate around the world and allow students to come together for weekly classes meant to supplement what they are learning in school, help struggling students catch up with their classmates, and advanced students excel in advanced maths that they might not be exposed to in school.

When I called to ask more questions, I spoke with Elena, the Center Director of the Pinecrest Math Monkey location.  

This is what she said…

“We operate by showing kids the patterns in numbers, and engaging them to show how fun math can be.  All of our classes are game-based and will capture the attention of the students, showing them that math can be fun.


One of the biggest problems that most students face is the fear of math.  This stems from teachers who force memorization on them and don’t help them engage with the tricks of math.  Many students will dread doing their math homework and insist that they ‘just aren’t good at it.’  We hold this premise to be categorically false.  They just don’t have the right instruction.”

WOW!!!!  This seems too good to be true.  Could this be the answer to my homework crying sessions?  I kept going with the questions -- So how do your classes differ from other tutoring schools?

And this is what Elena told me…

“Our primary services are weekly classes that follow along with the 36-week school year.  Each of these classes are broken into 12-week modules.  At the beginning, we give a pre-assessment test of the material to establish a baseline for their performance.  Then we spend 12 weeks having fun with the math principles.  Frequently students won’t understand how much they are learning because they are free from the painful drills they associate with math and are, instead, playing games with their friends.  But when we give them the same test at the end of the module, they are amazed at how much better they did than at the beginning.”

Okay – got my questions answered but now I had to learn more about Vedic Math.

What is Vedic Math and how does this help my child, either love math even more or hate math way less….

Advantage of Vedic Math Vedic math dates back to the Vedic Age of India, roughly 1000 years BC.  The math was “rediscovered” by an Indian mathematician Sri Bharati Krsna Tirthaji in 1918.  The math uses simple manipulations of patterns that arise naturally in patterns to perform mathematic functions like multiplication, division, squares, and square roots mentally in a matter of seconds.

The beauty of this method is that it is almost mystically simple.  The simplicity with which this type of math can be taught, understood, and practiced, allows for students to develop their own patterns and tricks that work.  This leads to students who engage more fully with the math, understand the patterns behind it, and can utilize their own methods that work for them.

Once again…WOW!   I’ve seen infomercials talking about tips and tricks on how to teach kids math.  Sorry, back to “What is Vedic Math”…

This is important because math is not a one-size-fits-all subject.  The way math is taught today works for some people.  But certainly not for everyone.  Vedic math allows students to work with their own natural strengths and weaknesses to come up with a workable system of mental math tricks that they can use to solve nearly any problem.  Students who use this method can perform at a higher level in their math classes.

Tell me more about the “Games” aspect of Math Monkey…

“This is one of the most beautiful things about the Math Monkey Method.  We use fun games to teach and inspire our students.  We chose this method because we believe students learn better when they are having fun.  If you force math down a child’s throat, and make them memorize formulas and tables, it is hard to make them connect to the material.


However, here at Math Monkey, we let them learn how they want to learn.  By incorporating fun activities into every day.  We don’t “punish” them with drills.  We let them have fun. This method has been the guiding point of our success over the past years.”

The question some parents have, “my son or daughter is already GREAT at math, why would I put him into a learning center like Math Monkey?”

“Even if your student is already a math whiz who loves to do their math, they will have fun learning here.  We don’t keep ages or grade levels together.  We allow students who are advanced in math to move up to a level where they will be challenged and learn concepts beyond what they are learning in school, and we give them the tools necessary to succeed at that level.  The interest that these kids already have in math is in fact nurtured and developed at Math Monkey. Very simply, you needn’t worry that your child will be bored here; we excel at spotting particularly gifted children and working with them.”


Have you ever watched the show “Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?”

Want to take a little test?  Math Monkey’s methods teach students to do complicated math in their heads in a matter of seconds.  You can use the calculator to check your answers if you’d like, but this test is a mental one.  Can you solve these problems in your head in under 15 seconds each?


Alright.  That should have taken you a minute at the most.  How’d you do?  If you’d like to check your answers, they are 8,613, 205,081, 517, and 1,224 respectively. Now can your children do math like that in their heads?  If not, perhaps you should consider a course at Math Monkey!  They want all children to perform at the best of their ability.

In addition to the 36-week program, they offer one-on-one tutoring for students who need or want special attention and summer programs to help fight the effects of the inevitable backslide that occurs when students go all summer without practicing math.

For this month and this month only, Math Monkey is holding a “Get to Know Math Monkey Promotion.”  The first month your child is enrolled in the enrichment program, you pay only 50%.  Click this link and you’ll be taken to the page where you can download the coupon that you either bring in or tell Elena over the phone that you want to apply the promo.

They are looking forward to seeing your child in one of their INCREDIBLE enrichment programs!