About Us

The Ultimate Advantage for Your Child’s Future

Our mission is to work with parents to ensure their child has a strong foundation in mathematics which helps develop critical thinking and problem solving skills.

On that foundation, we understand that we must build each child’s confidence so they can persevere when difficult challenges arise. And finally, we hope to ignite their passion so they can live the life of their dreams.

Math Monkey is unlike any other math enrichment program. With a unique program built on a solid foundation of number sense, we have mastered the art of teaching mathematics. Our methods combine the best of Eastern and Western math techniques creating a program that allows children to learn multiple approaches to solve problems. Combined with the Math Monkey mental math techniques, children increase speed, understanding and confidence in math- and in themselves.

All of our programs are designed to enhance each student’s natural curiosity and make math fun. They are a great fit for kids who need a boost and have lost their confidence to those who are gifted and seeking a greater challenge.

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