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  • Q: What can I expect my child to achieve at Math Monkey?

    A: Your child will learn to rely increasingly on mental math to solve problems. Your child will learn and master techniques which condense the math from five or more steps to, in most cases, three steps or fewer. Your child will also develop number sense and critical thinking skills.

  • Q: In addition to learning mental math techniques, what are some additional benefits of enrolling at Math Monkey?

    A: Your child will lose their fear of numbers, develop a winning attitude toward math and become a happier, more confident student.


Monday through Thursday

2:00pm - 7:00pm

* except holidays 


2:00pm - 6:00pm

* except holidays


9:00am - 12:00pm

* except holidays

What People Say

  • Jesus C.

    “Dear Miss. Elena Suarez, I would like to express my most appreciation to your school, teachers and you for all the support and education that my daughter Victoria has received with you. It sure has made it possible for her to start forming character at her regular school, where this is the second time that she has made it to THE PRINCIPAL HONOR ROLL, and her grades are straight A’s. It sure was a blessing enrolling my daughter at Math Monkey. My wife and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Viva Math Monkey!!!”

  • Mimi

    “My dear Elena, I wanted to thank you and the teachers at math Monkey for the great influence you have had on Nicholas. Math is fun for him and he approaches it with confidence. The results are evident. He has been recommended by his marth and science teachers for honors algebra 1 and honors science in 7th grade!!! Our sincere appreciation to all at Math Monkey.”

  • Meredith B.

    “Math Monkey has been one of the most rewarding enrichment activities my daughter participates in. It is by far her favorite after school activity she does. She looks forward to it each week. Math Monkey has helped with boosting her confidence in doing math. She now considers math to be her favorite subject. Since beginning Math Monkey, we have told several of her friends about it and they too have joined and are really enjoying it. As a parent I’m really pleased that she is participating in an after school activity that is really going to benefit her education in the years to come. Go Math Monkey!!”

  • Sylvia F.

    “I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for enriching our lives through Math Monkey. As you know, Michael has been attending Math Monkey since first grade. He is now a fifth grader in gifted math classes. His math performance in school is excellent. Perhaps more importantly, he is also a very confident math student who loves learning. Thanks to Math Monkey I have no doubt he will continue to succeed in math as he enters middle school next year.

    Our third grader, Daniel, also began attending Math Monkey classes this year and is doing very well in his gifted math class. He also is a much more confident and interested math student since he started Math Monkey.”

  • Melissa E.

    “I will give you any of Charlie’s and Elizabeth’s scores…FCAT and from the online gradebook in the parent portal. They both have straight A’s in math. Charlie has scored a 5 in Math on the FCAT for the last two years and Elizabeth has scored a 4. As you know, they love math and you make it fun.”