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Math Monkey of Pinecrest
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Our mission is to work with parents
to ensure their child has a strong
foundation in mathematics which
helps develop critical thinking
and problem solving skills

The Ultimate Advantage
For Your Child’s Future

305 – 971 – MATH (6284)
Math Monkey of Pinecrest

The Ultimate Advantage For Your Child’s Future
Our mission is to work with parents to ensure their child has a strong foundation in mathematics which helps develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. On that foundation, we understand that we must build each child’s confidence so they can persevere when difficult challenges arise. And finally, we hope to ignite their passion so they can live the life of their dreams.

Math Monkey is unlike any other math enrichment program
Our methods combine the best Eastern and Western math techniques creating a
program that allows children to learn multiple approaches to problem-solving.

Check what our customers and families say about Math Monkey of Pinecrest

My daughter Kaysi started at Math Monkey at the age of four. Her math skill is amazing. She is able to add, subtract, do simple geometry. Math Monkey is an excellent School, the program has taught her a love for math, and she feels like Math is a hobby. I think all kids should be as fortunate to experience this kind of learning.

Tania Crook

My son was having a very hard time with even basic math concepts. Both, he and I were becoming very frustrated with homework assignments. I enrolled him in Math Monkey program during the summer he was a Spider Monkey. He enjoyed the program and finally had a positive and relaxing math experience. This school year I can tell he is doing better with his math. Homework is much less frustrating. His teacher has noticed it as well. I am anxious to see his results to see just how far he has come. We plan to enroll in Math Monkey again this summer.

Ilyne B. Sbar

My husband and I tried to help Sasha with her math and the concepts that she seemed to understand, but she was still getting the answers wrong upon testing. At that point, I knew then that I needed to find help for her. I researched several options, but after meeting Math Monkey and learning about Vedic Math, I knew that this was set to help my daughter. I even remember my husband commenting that we could have used this when we were in school, imagine the possibilities! Sasha has been accepted into the school gifted program. What a wonderful opportunity for children to learn to love math. Thanks for bringing Math Monkey to the South Dade area.

Natasha Melbourne

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for enriching our lives through Math Monkey. As you know, Michael has been attending Math Monkey since first grade. He is now fifth grader in gifted math classes. His math performance in school is excellent . Perhaps more importantly, he is also very confident math student who loves learning. Thanks to Math Monkey I have no doubt he will continue to succeeded in math as he enters middle school next year.

Sylvia Fernandez-Fein

I would like to express my most appreciation to Math Monkey for all the support and education that my daughter Victoria has received with you, it sure has made possible for her to start forming character at her regular school, where this is the second time she has made it to Principal Honor roll and her grades are straight A’s. It sure a blessing enrolling my daughter at Math Monkey, my wife and I thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

Jesus Cortez

Discover the Math Monkey Advantage
Math Monkey of Pinecrest is unlike any other Math Enrichment Program. From Kindergarten through Middle School, Math Monkey classes challenge students based on where they ARE instead of where school says they should be while making math fun and relevant to their lives. So they develop a confidence and curiosity about math that will benefit them for a lifetime.

The advantage of Math Monkey:
• A powerful curriculum that makes kids THINK, not just memorize so they’re eager to keep learning more!
• Savvy strategies that work with the mind’s natural logic processes instead of against it. Even difficult math becomes a cinch to solve, which quickly builds confidence and enthusiasm.
• All instructors are certified teachers who know and love math… which studies show can have a BIG impact on kids’ long-term performance and attitude toward math.